My philosophy of training

Often dogs don't choose to do what we want them to do. I don't have the right to expect them to do what I want, I have to ask, give the dog a choice and go out of my way to change my schedule to work with the dog. Through management, lots of patience, applied learning theory and above all force free methods results can be achieved.

I offer a professional and positive approach to all your dogs needs. A well understood and trained dog is a happy dog.

Through one-to-one training I can help you and your dog to overcome some problem behaviours and provide solutions to things like:
-Understanding how dogs learn
-Recall issues
-Jumping up
-Attention seeking
-Trick training
-Behaviour Adjustment Training for fear and/or aggression as well as frustrated greeters


​​-Destructive behaviour
-Separation anxiety
-Playbiting/bite inhibition
-House training
-Puppy training and socialisation
-Pulling on lead
-Phobia and fear​​​​​​​​​​​


As you might have gathered charity is close to my heart. 

If your dog is a rescue I will donate a percentage back to the rescue or shelters that helped them. These dogs deserve a second chance.
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